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Shopping for the right magic mushroom grow kit is similar to finding the right alcohol for your tastes or strand of choice for marijuana. There are so many different types, tastes and flares, it can be a little bit overwhelming at first. With alcohol, you can go for a hard liquor like tequila or vodka. While others prefer something more light like wine or refreshing like beer. Then there are variations within that: some wines are red, others are white. Beer can be dark or light. There are variations that exist within the shroom supply as well.

Fortunately, we’ve created a list of some of our top selling magic mushroom grow kits. That way you have an idea of what you can expect. While you may have to try a few different magic mushroom grow kits to find the exact magic mushroom that excites you most and feels best, you can rest assured you won’t be disappointed with these options.


B+ Shroom Mycelium Grow Kit

How Easy B+ Shrooms Are to Grow: Extremely easy. While all of our magic mushroom grow kits are easy to grow, this particular strain of magic mushroom is very easy to grow and fairly hrd. You’ll have a consistently full shroom supply each and every time you grow B+ shrooms.

What the B+ Trip Is Like: The B+ trip tends to be more upbeat. Almost as if you’ve got an additional buzz. That’s why this shrooms is incredibly popular. You won’t be completely zoned out into your own world. Rather, some users of B+ report feeling extremely conscious, to the point where they could feel, taste, hear and see things much more sharply and clearly. 
B+ is Best For: People who want a shroom trip that’s fun and positive. Great for group settings and spending time with friends while on a trip.
B+ Shroom Mycelium Grow Kit

Albino A Mycelium Grow Kit

How Easy Albino A Shrooms Are to Grow: Extremely easy. As with B+, Albino A proves to be one of the most sturdy strands of magic mushrooms time and time again. If you’re worried about growing magic mushrooms for the first time and want to have a sure supply of magic mushrooms, then this magic mushroom kit is for you. It’s virtually impossible to ruin things and not get a yield if you follow the simple instructions.
What the Albino A Trip Is Like: This particular type of magic mushrooms has been breaking the natural cures industry lately. That’s because Albino A has been clinically proven to help those suffering from depression. And, best of all, the effects may last long after you go on your magic mushroom trip. This type of magic mushroom is best for people feeling blue, and also for those who want a balanced trip that’s not too intense but not boring, either. This is the perfectly balanced magic mushroom with three types of active ingredients. 
Albino A is Best For: people with depression or who are going through high amounts of stress. People tripping on their own, or with a partner.
Albino A Mycelium Grow Kit

Mazatapec Mycelium Grow Kit

How Easy Mazatapec Shrooms Are to Grow: Easy. You won’t have any problems at all growing this type of magic mushroom. This particular strain is known for being easy to cultivate and it regularly produces a consistent, hearty flush. You won’t have problems whatsoever getting flushed with this type of magic mushroom. The shroom supply you receive from the multiple flashes will last you several uses of shrooms and up to a year depending on the frequency of your use.
What the Mazatapec Trip Is Like: You can expect to get lost within your thoughts and experience strong hallucinations with this type of shroom. If you are a philosopher or intellectual type, this is perfect for you. Or, if you idn yourself uninvolved in politics, religion, philosophy and want to form your own opinions, try exploring your thoughts and views with this strain. This strain is perfect for those who want to realize things about the world they never knew existed. 
Mazatapec is Best For: Thinking, thinking, thinking. You’ll be lost in your thoughts with this magic mushroom. Perfect for generating new ideas and forming opinions.
Mazatapec Mycelium Grow Kit

Cambodian Mycelium Grow Kit

How Easy Cambodian Shrooms Are to Grow: Easy. As with all of our kits, the Cambodian will be no problem at all to grow. Don’t be intimidated by the process; especially with the cambodia. With substrate that’s loaded with mycelium, you’ll have full flushes and a shroom supply that’ sure to last a long time.
What the Cambodian Trip Is Like: You can expect the Cambodian trip to be smooth overall. This particular strain is best for beginners. For those who are nervous about their first trip on shrooms, this is the ideal strain of shrooms for you. It’s not too overpowering. You'll Be lost in thought, but not quite intensely as the Mazatapec. Nor will you feel the intense vigor as you would with B+. Overall, it’s a smooth ride. 
Cambodian is Best For: A smooth buzz. You want to come home and relax for a few hours, not get completely high and transported to a different dimension. Also a great beginner’s strain.
Cambodian Mycelium Grow Kit

All You Have to Do Is Try

If you’re looking for the perfect type of shrooms, all you need to do is pick out the one that appeals to you most from our online store here. We’ll ship it to you fast and discretely so that you can get to growing your shrooms as soon as possible and having the best trips of your life.

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