Are Magic Truffles Safe?

We want you to have the best trip ever, not to trip over the details. It’s best to red this information now before you start tripping in order to avoid anxiety and negative thoughts. There’s nothing like worrying, ‘can magic truffles kill you?’ to spoil a potentially awesome trip. To put your mind at rest, we’ve done some digging to find some factual evidence as far as the safety of magic mushrooms.

Obviously, as with anything the amount matters. Your magic truffle dosage matters. Bu, this is for anything. For drugs or non-drugs. In fact, water can even kill you. Something as simple as water can lead to our death if we consume too much of it. If you go beyond the daily recommended amount of water, you can flood your body and essentially drown yourself internally. So, the moral of the story is: dosage matters.

Aside from the dose, you may be worried about the active ingredients in magic truffles. We’ll uncover that too down below. Find out more about the safety and whether magic truffles can kill you by reading on.

Magic Truffles 101

First of all, let’s briefly break down what magic truffles are. Magic truffles are officially known as “sclerotium”, while you may hear the term “Philosopher's Stones” used on the street or as a nickname. Contrary to popular belief, magic truffles are actually magic mushrooms...just grown underground. Truffles themselves are classified as underground mushrooms. The main difference between the two is that mushrooms sprout out above ground while magic truffles live below the ground.

Magic mushrooms have been around since the dawn of time, with magic mushrooms being traced back 8,000 years ago to the Saharan Desert. Researches have also found artwork that confirms this with paintings of magic mushrooms. Additionally, they have been used in the “Mesoamerican” region of Central Mexico down to Nicaragua for the last 3,000 years.

Keep in mind: this is the magic mushroom. Not the magic truffle. The magic truffle, which has similar active compounds to the magic mushroom, surprisingly hasn’t taken off since the Dutch government made magic mushrooms illegal. That’s why there’s been a huge boom in magic truffles in recent years.

In fact, while truffles, too, have been around for a long time, they are much harder to grow and take a longer time that magic mushrooms. Magic truffles take up to 9 months to be fully developed and ready for harvest. What’s more is magic mushrooms grow above ground, which is a clear advantage. Magic truffles, on the other hand, have been a lot harder to find.

What Do the Scientists Say?

While there have been many studies on magic mushrooms and the positive effects it can have on the body, there haven’t been as many studies on the magic truffle. However, we do know that since magic truffles are just a specific type of magic mushroom grown underground, they share many of the same components. While there may be differences in the ingredients of magic mushrooms and magic truffles, they share many of the same key components. Thus, the findings from the magic mushroom experiments is also indirectly valid for magic truffles, too.

There have been multiple studies on magic mushrooms and truffles, most of which focus on their positive effects on those with anxiety and depression. One interesting study looked into the use of psychedelics and cancer patients who were facing death in the near-future. It examined the use of psychedelics on both the patients and their loved ones. According to researchers of magic mushrooms and magic truffles in a New York Times post:

“Researchers acknowledge that it’s not clear how psilocybin reduces a person’s anxiety about mortality, not simply during the trip but for weeks and months following. “It’s a bit of a mystery,” Grob says. “I don’t really have altogether a definitive answer as to why the drug eases the fear of death, but we do know that from time immemorial individuals who have transformative spiritual experiences come to a very different view of themselves and the world around them and thus are able to handle their own deaths differently.”

So, as you can see, there’s a lot of good things that can happen when you try psychedelics. Everything from the fear of death to anxiety and depression can be alleviated by these natural psychedelics. But, that’s not to say its some magic cure-all pill that’ll kill off cancer cells in your body, turn you into Spiderman and allow you to fly. It won’t. Buy, magic truffles do have profound effects on health and your overall outlook on life.

Can Magic Truffles Kill You?


Unless you do something stupid, you will not die from magic truffles themselves. In fact, the reason why magic mushrooms were banned was due to a couple tourists dying and it making the news. But, again it all comes down to dosage and making smart choices during your trip, like being in a controlled environment and having a sitter.

So the tiny handful of deaths that may be linked to magic truffles is small. In fact, it’s virtually impossible you’ll die from consuming magic truffles. If you are concerned about dying, there are hundreds of thousands of alcohol related deaths around the world each year, yet alcohol is often seen as safe.

To Truffle or Not to Truffle?

The decision is entirely in your hands. Whether You want to lead a normal life and not experience the gift that truffles are. Or, if you want to take the risk and reap a huge payout in terms of knowledge and understanding from truffles. The decision is yours.

To summarize, truffles are completely safe. They have been used in scientific experiments in recent years to deal with everything from mental health disorders including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety and depression. On top of that, they have eased grief for those affected by death. Not to mention, magic truffles just give you a better understanding of yourself and the world and will leave a long lasting impact.

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