10 Surprising Facts About Magic Truffles

Magic truffles have been used for centuries but are a fairly new discovery in the western world. In fact, their popularity is largely credited to a “loophole” in the Netherlands drug policies which made magic mushrooms illegal in 2008. Magic truffles aren’t, and still aren’t illegal. If you want to experience a great trip and change your life, learn about these facts of magic truffles.

  • Magic Truffles and Magic Mushrooms Are Basically the Same Thing. That’s something to make clear right away. The truth is: magic truffles and magic mushrooms are basically the same thing. Sure there may be some subtle differences in the trip, but in general, you’ll experience all the same effects on magic truffles as magic mushrooms. Don’t let the name “truffle” fool you either; truffles are mushrooms grown underground whereas regular mushrooms are grown above.
  • Magic Truffles Are Legal in the Netherlands. The Netherlands may seem like a drum lover’s paradise, but the laws are strict on drugs in certain drugs. The drug industry is very controlled, which makes for safer and purer drugs that have been approved by the government. One thing that is illegal: selling magic mushrooms. Again, as we mentioned before, magic truffles have essentially the same effect as magic mushrooms, but there is one key difference. It’s legal to sell truffles in the Netherlands, but not magic mushrooms.
  • Magic Truffles Are Much Less Common Because They’re Grown Underground and Take Longer to Grow. The facts on magic truffles as far as growing is that it’s slightly more difficult to cultivate and can take much longer. Luckily, you can buy your own magic truffles right from our shop so you don’t need to cultivate them yourself or go scavenging for hard to find magic truffles. Magic truffles are the “creme de la creme” of the hallucinogenic industry and you’ll probably impress your friends due to the rarity. You’d be surprised by how few people have heard of magic truffles compared to magic mushrooms.
  • Reindeer, Goats and other Livestock are Known to Eat Magic Truffles, Too. Humans aren’t the only animals that like to get a little high now and again. Apparently, animals do too. We see this with certain types of woodpeckers that drink the sap out of trees and fly intoxicated with a buzz. Or, cats when they eat catnip, which makes them experience a short-lived high in cat bliss for up to 30 minutes. Well, for reindeer (and some species of goats and cattle), they, too can experience this magic. While it’s not clear if reindeer do actually get high or not from magic truffles, they seem to always come back for more and more. Maybe reindeer enjoy magic truffles as much as humans after all.
  • Magic Truffles Contain Psilocybin and Psilocin, Just Like Magic Mushrooms. As we mentioned above, the two main active ingredient sin magic mushrooms are psilocybin and psilocin, which is found in the most common type of magic mushrooms. That’s why the high can be extremely similar, if not the same, as magic mushrooms. If you want to experience this high legally, take magic truffles so you can experience all the magic of magic truffles.
  • There’s No Safer Drug Than Magic Truffles as Far as Hospital Visits. People are hospitalized for drinking too much alcohol, requiring their stomachs to be pumped on a daily basis. As are people who overdose on heroin or other prescription narcotic drugs, which require certain antidotes to counteracts the toxic chemicals put into their body. With magic truffles (and magic mushrooms) it’s a completely different story. In fact, it’s been found that magic truffle and magic mushroom visits make up around 0.2% of all drug related trips to the emergency room. So, if you want a drug that’s safe and has been around for thousands of years, magic truffles is your best bet.
  • Smaller Doesn’t Always Mean Less Potent With Magic Truffles. Without getting too technical, there is a finite amount of enzymes that are used in the process of growing truffles that occur naturally within the magic truffle itself. This is a set amount. Therefore, if the magic truffle grows larger in size, the concentration of these enzymes responsible for creating the high will be less. But, the size compensates for it being less. Similarly, a smaller magic truffle has a higher concentration of these enzymes but less of the physical truffle itself. There are a lot of factors that go into the size and strength of the truffle, but don’t be fooled by the size variations. Bigger isn’t always better with magic truffles.
  • Your Personality May Permanently Change Once You Take Magic Truffles. This is something that occurs with magic mushrooms, too. Since magic mushrooms and magic truffles are so closely linked, it’s no wonder they share some similar side effects. Basically, there are effects that happen to the brain when you take magic truffles. Those effects can last over a year, and may be potentially permanent. But, don’t worry, they’re good effects. They increase certain aspects of your personality (which is very hard to change past the age of thirty) by making you more open.
  • Magic Truffles Aren’t a Gateway Drug Nor Are They Addictive. It’s a common myth that taking magic truffles will lead you to take harder drugs, but there are no studies that support this theory. It’s all been made up. Taking magic mushrooms will likely keep you aways from doing any hard drugs as you’ll be mesmerized by the experience itself and fell the “high” for many months and years to come. Magic truffles is a great “drug” to get into if you’re wanting some variety. Drinking can get a bit boring and often leads to a headache the next morning if excessive. Marijuana is great for chilling out, but doesn’t have any hallocegic effects. Truffles are a way to add some safe variety to your “relax” time.
  • The Flavor Is Described as Being “Earthy” by Some and “Disgusting” by Others. Yes, we can’t sugar coat it. You may not like the taste. But, you can make it quick and painless. For some, they find the taste to be earthy and nutty while others are trying not to gag. You can always blend up the magic truffles in a blender to make it fine and take it like a shot or make a tea instead of chewing. That way you can avoid the nastiness of magic truffles sitting on your taste-buds too long.

We’ve given you 10 facts about magic truffles. Which ones surprised you most? If you’re ready to give magic truffles a try, feel free to browse our shop and start your journey.

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