What’s It Like to Trip on Magic Truffles?

The short answer: unforgettable and life changing. If you’re wondering what it’s like to trip on magic truffles, we’ll fill you in on all the details. But like anything else, it’s important that you experience it yourself. You have to be the one to feel the sensations, see the kaleidoscope pattern before your eyes, and feel the connections with those around you.

We always recommend people try magic truffles at least once in their lives. You have nothing to lose. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to die from magic truffles. You’ll gain a new perspective on life. If you’re facing a big decision, it may be resolved. If you’re trying to heal the wounds of your past, magic truffles may help you do so.

This is a general guide to what you may experience when you’re high on magic truffles. If you haven’t tried magic truffles and are completely new, here’s a guide to all of your burning questions about magic truffles.

Psychedelic experience trip on magic truffles

Psychedelic experience trip on magic truffles

The Most Common Effects of Magic Truffles

First off, let’s get into the most common effects of magic truffles. While there is some variation in the effects of magic truffles, this is what you can expect in general. Keep in mind, the effects vary from person to person and can be affected by everything from what you’ve eaten, to the climate and the vibes of those around you.

Kaleidoscope pattern hallucination effects of magic truffles

Kaleidoscope pattern hallucination effects of magic truffles

Common Effects of Magic Truffles

  • Visuals (i.e. hallucinations). You’ll be able to see things that aren’t there. Because of the psychoactive compounds of the magic truffles, your brain will create images of its own and put “filters” on real life. You may see a kaleidoscope pattern as often reported. The strength of the visuals varies greatly depending on the type of magic truffles.
  • Heightened sound perceptions. There's nothing better than listening to music while under the influence of magic truffles. But, you don’t have to listen to music. You can listen to the sounds of nature. You can listen and sense an airplane passing by above as if it were nearby. Your sound will be at a heightened state that’s incredible to experience.
  • Feeling of weights being released from your shoulders (figuratively, of course). One of the best effects of magic truffles is that it allows you to forget about all your problems. All your burdens, stresses and negative mindsets will disappear when you take a safe magic truffle trip. You’ll just want to stay fixed on what you’re doing in the present moment. If you’re talking, you’ll talk. If you’re walking, you’ll walk. You’ll find interest in all the mundane things in life.
  • Free mind and total relaxation. Piggybacking on the weights being freed while under the effects of magic truffles, you’ll also feel a sense of inner peace and relaxation. Magic truffles allows you to search deep within yourself and truly love yourself and those around you. You’ll be feeling amazing under the effects of magic truffles and want to spread joy and peace in the world. You won’t be fixated on your problems, but instead be focused in the present moment. Magic truffles take you to a deep meditative state that frees your of your stresses and negative thoughts.
  • Creative and philosophical thoughts. You may become the next Albert Einstein or Newton when you’re under the effects of magic truffles. Or, you may just live a simple life and be content knowing you’ve explored different thoughts with magic truffles. No matter where your experience leads you, you’ll be sure to experience thoughts that are creative. You’ll become childlike again, exercising the part of your brain that’s organic and fresh, full of creativity.
  • Sharpening of the five senses. You’ll start to feel the sharpening of the senses right away. The effects usually occur within 10 to 20 minutes depending on the type of magic truffle you take. If you’re wondering what it’s like to trip on magic mushrooms, it basically feels like being an ultra-evolved human. You’ll have the olfactory sense like a dog. Hearing like a dolphin, picking up on hidden frequencies. You’ll see like a cat in the night. Overall, the senses are amplified on magic truffles and it's an amazing, humbling experience to be a part of.
  • Changes in perception of time and space. We’re in the present moment. Or are we? IS there another time dimension? Are there other galaxies with humans on it? Are we living our lives over again? These are the kinds of questions relating to time and space you’ll be asking yourselves when you’re on a magic truffle trip. You’ll dig deep and discover answers buried within your brain that may unlock some of life’s mysteries to you.

Is a Trip on Magic Truffles Like Being High or Marijuana or Drunk?

No. Being on a trip with magic truffles is unlike anything else in the world (except for shrooms). Magic truffles offers you a life-changing experience that allows for deep introspection and the exploration of philosophical, deep concepts and ideas about the world. Being high on marijuana does have a similar distortion of time, though it’s not to the same degree of magic truffles.

Because the effects are so strong and can come and go in waves, we recommend that you start with one of the beginner strains then work your way up. At the very least, you should be in a controlled environment with a sitter resent to help take care of your needs. Magic truffles is more of a transformational drug. It’s not something you party with. The effects of magic truffles are meant to open the mind, body and heart.

cannabis pot weed magic truffles marijuana effects

cannabis pot weed magic truffles marijuana effects

Is It Worth It to Trip on Magic Truffles?

Yes, it is. If you’ve been wondering what it’s like to trip on magic truffles, now is your opportunity. Don’t pass this chance up to see the world fro what it is and isn’t. If you are feeling stuck in life, have an important decision to make, are losing your creativity or just want to have fun for a day, then magic truffles is the perfect experience for you.

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