The 6 Types of Magic Truffle Trippers

"Which One Are You?"

With so many unique personalities in the world, you’re bound to have a one of a kind experience when on a magic truffle trip. Although, there are certain characteristics that many of us share. Often times we can become very quiet, very sexual, or extremely artsy when we wouldn’t normally behave in that way sober. Here are some of the top 6 ways people transform under the effects of magic truffles.

The Extrovert

Are you normally the quiet type? Not anymore! When you’re on a magic truffle trip, your inhibitions will be released ad you may find you're the extrovert of the group. You may want to talk about everything from what you’re currently seeing, feeling, tasting or hearing to things as deep as the Big Bang Theory, religion and String Theory.

Party people magic truffles

Party people on magic truffles

As The Extrovert no topic is off limits on your magic truffle trip. You just keep talking and talking and talking. Depending on who you’re with, this could make them a little bit irritated. Or, they may find your long winded self to be funny. Or perhaps they’re “The Silent One” and will be too focused to even notice you’re rambling on about nothing.

The Picasso

If you’re The Picasso type of your magic truffle trip, you’re going to want to be creative and express your artistic abilities. While it’s very common for magic truffle users to paint on canvas while on a magic truffle trip, there are other ways of experiencing the high too. For example, if you’re a singer, you may decide to bust out your ukulele or guitar and finish that song you’ve been working on. Or, you may have that extra creative boost needed to finish your novel.

picasso bull magic truffle trip

picasso bull magic truffle trip

Being The Picasso type isn’t just reserved for artists. It can be for non artsy people too. That's the beauty of going on a magic truffle trip. Magic truffle trips lead you to explore areas of your personality that you never knew existed. Even if your art turns out terrible, what matters is the experience.

The Silent One

Who says you need to talk when you’re on a magic truffle trip? You can keep quiet and just enjoy the inner experience without voicing anything. There’s a certain beauty in being quiet. You’re able to listen more. You gain a deeper experience both internally and externally. Many people become The Silent Type when they trip on magic truffles with people they love and trust. That’s because no words are needed to communicate. If you gon on a magic truffle trip with people who know you well, you realize that sometimes the best language to converse in is no language at all.

The Silent One doesn’t necessarily have to be an introvert in real, everyday life either. Perhaps you’re a busy real estate agent, or work in sales, or customer service. Now is the time to kick back and relax. No more demands, orders and annoying customers. All you have to do is sit there and take in the delightful magic truffle trip.

The One With Crazy Ideas

You may want to turn a football field into a giant pit of jello. Or, decide to make a movie with a crazy cast of characters. Magic truffles unlock the most creative parts of your brain, so you’re bound to come up with some crazy ideas.

Whether they’re “good” crazy or “bad” crazy is all up to you and your perspective. Just know that if you’re The One With The Crazy Ideas you will probably be the source of everyone’s laughter when they’re on their magic truffle trip.

The Horny One

If you’re the horny one, you better have someone there with you to satisfy your needs. Magic truffles is a drug that stimulates sexual desire. Be sure you have a sexy partner with you so you can have one of the most intense experiences that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Sex on magic truffles can be one of the greatest experiences in your life.

horny horns magic mushroom tripper

horny horns magic mushroom tripper

As soon as the truffles begin to hit about 20 minutes later, your clothes are off as The Horny One. If you’ve ever wanted to try any kink or taboo practices, you are happy to experience them on magic truffles as the horny one. Your sexual energy will be overflowing on a magic truffles trip.

The Paranoid One

Didn’t follow the rules? This may be you. If you didn’t do the right prep work before taking magic truffles, thee;s a stronger possibility that your trip can go bad. Magic truffle trips normally end up overwhelmingly positive. But, they can be bad too. This can be due to several reasons. Most of the time, if you have a bad magic truffle trip it’s due to:

  • Taking too high of a dose. Always stick to 5 grams your first time. If it’s too little, you can always increase the next time you decide to trip on magic truffles.
  • Being in an environment or people you don’t trust. Avoid a bad trip by staying inside and tripping with people you know very well. You’ll want to make sure you’re in a basic room with no sharp objects. Be sure you have a sitter in the group.
  • Negative thoughts and mindset. Be sure to clear your mind before going on a magic truffle trip. Remember to stay positive and never trip when you’re feeling angry or sad in general.
  • Pre-existing anxiety and depression. Due to the hallucinogenic effects of magic truffles, it’s best to avoid them if you have any underlying mental health issues. Anxiety and depression can become amplifies under the effects of magic truffles.

Which Type of Person Are YOU on a Magic Truffle Trip?

With so many unique personality traits that can come out, let us know what kind of person you become when you’re on magic truffle trip. Don’t know what kind of magic truffle tripper you are? Try some truffles here.

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