Panaeolus Subbalteatus

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Sep 29, 2018
Bought the Panaeolus Subbalteatus box and was surprised of the easiness growing it, really potent hawaiian shroomies and you are guaranteed a good time 9/10. Glad the best mushrooms are back now. Tired of the mexicans, copelandia is the thing!

Oct 6, 2018
It really works! To be honest i thought it was a joke. Got 342 grams in total. Even the stems are blue. Gonna order 2 more now. Thank you BMM

Apr 23, 2019
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I must say I'm really happy after first flush, which gave me really big amount of shrooms...they are also the blue thin stem ones...This sort of shrooms gave me one of best trips in my life, so I'm really excited to try my own beauties

May 5, 2019
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I grew this grow kit without a heat mat at 23 degrees and got my first flush in only 11 days! I was pretty pleased as it's my second time growing and I have to say that the Fresh Mushroom grow kit is the best and so easy to grow, jest need to follow the instructions and your all good to go!

Robert White
Oct 17, 2019
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Had first flush after 10 days, trip was good. I have ordered twice off this webshop and both times couldn't have been better. Will definitely order again. Any discount coupons LOL?

R Lynchy
Oct 24, 2019
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Just harvested 115g wet still got more to chop that weren't quite ready. Grows really fast thin long blue shrooms really easy for a beginner. The delivery was also very fast you guys are amazing.

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