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Nov 27, 2017
Super experience. good euphoria, enhanced vision, hearing and concentration. A very nice and pleasant high, body and mind. Perfect overall and I would definitely order again.

Feb 10, 2018
This my favourite so far. I had a high quality and lovely Introspection just by eating the half of it! These Hollandia were the most awesome of all, incredible!!

Sandra V
Aug 7, 2018
Had a profound otherworldly involvement with this custom. First time I stumbled twice utilizing one of these 15g hollandia packs. This was not for me as the impacts were fairly mellow yet unquestionably felt. Second time around I arranged personality body and soul for the voyage and rejected nourishment for a few hours already, ate practically nothing. I requested direction before I left ( help improve myself a man, turn out to be more mindful of the effect I have on my encompassing condition et cetera and religiously took the whole 15 g measurement spread more than two hours or somewhere in the vicinity. Ensure you are in an agreeable, protected and well-known setting before the excursion achieves it's pinnacle. On a courageous measurements, the visuals turn out to be more pronounced.... you are presented to better approaches for considering and seeing reality. A few joints truly takes the trek higher than ever. Things you normally stroll past take the spotlight and you start to see enchantment all over. Enchantment that was at that point dependably there yet you never had the limit ( significant serenity to genuinely watch and appreciate. I was not able focus on one single thing as everything came at me once. The measure of data we take in through our faculties increment to the point of feeling left marginally overpowered. You likewise have the sentiment of seeing into the future..... relatively like you can convey your cognizance a very long while into the future from where you are correct currently in space and time. You probably won't care for what you see, so continue with alert... I don't know how or regardless of whether I should state this by any stretch of the imagination, however you don't feel alone on this trek. It feels like you have organization... The organization does not generally make itself evident but rather you can positively feel a 'soul' in the air.... underneath your feet... traveling through the trees... whispering to you. You additionally sense it (considerably more) when you close your eyes. I am not a similar individual any longer. I am more mindful of my many weaknesses and furthermore ready to value the gifts I have more. I would prescribe doing this religiously now and again with the aim of self change, self disclosure and for shamanic purposes.

Jan 18, 2019
I haven't had a decent trip in over 7 years so to bring in 2019 I wanted a psychedelic experience, shrooms aurnt common in my area anymore so I did some research and found magic truffles, I placed my order on December 31st and received a 15 gram portion on January 17th, I ate all 15 grams which was described to cause major hallucinations and visuals, I took them on a completely empty stomach and had no other food or drinks at all. Got a major body buzz, I had nice visuals, a feeling of "oneness". I think I'm just going to have to order more.

David Desjardins
Jan 20, 2019
BUY HERE! I've received my order. I was so stupid sent 3 support tickets: 2 because they didn't send the tracking number of my order. Later i found out it was shipped with free shipping and no tracking. I was upset but got my order in only a few days. Good product and happy customer :)

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