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Aug 6, 2018
Ate all the 15 grams and had myself a 12 hour wild trip. I am experienced so I would tell less experienced people to take care. The seeds also messed with my vision for several days - like LSD has done to me before. Respect Mother Nature and try first 10 grams

Aug 7, 2018
I've done tampanensis and pajaritos before this but these were the best visuals I've had so far. Walked around town with my friend who was sober who was sort of like a storyteller for me, everyone had warped bodies, funny faces and eyes all over their face. Music was good as always, maybe not as much of a euphoric feeling as dynamite, but maybe that was due to setting. They also only lasted 4 hours which was a shame, but I am quite tolerable. Thank you for the fast delivery. Your my number 1 shop for growkits and magic truffles. Till next time!

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