Pharmaceutical research: Magic mushrooms increase your creativity and empathic ability

In the Netherlands prose country the happiness of many people has been trapped between the exhausting grind of excessively entrenched life patterns and the tensions and sensitivities resulting from all kinds of work stress. Result: depression in all sorts and sizes. Obviously, of course. It can be argued with some cynicism that, given the amount of depressed people, the BV Netherlands has created an environment with all of its wall glass suitable open office gardens in which not only everyday happiness but also all healthy forms of Darwinian progression for our species have come to a standstill. That is not entirely true, because in financial terms the demand for antidepressants creates a powerful race in which pharmacists and scientists use all their skills to create the latest and most suitable (= most profitable) happiness medicine. Would not it be nice now if a lucky charm comes on the market that can not, like fluoxetine-containing remedies, improve the basic mood, but as a side effect the emotions can flatten and some unfortunates reduce to zombies? A medicine that allows you to communicate better, think more creatively and become happier? Mind-expanding drugs such as magic mushrooms can indeed do that, concludes a research from the University of Maastricht. And then it is specifically the effect of the hallucinogenic constituent psilocybin, which also occurs in other mushrooms (including the truffle). In the words of the researchers: 'Using a naturalistic approach, significant sub-acute enhancements or outcome measures of divergent thinking (DT), convergent thinking (CT), emotional empathy (EE), and satisfaction with life (LS), after ingestion or psilocybin at a psychedelic retreat, were shown relative to baseline. ' In short, with a psilocybin pill, you can finally converse normally with your wife / husband / girlfriend / friend about his / her creative hobbies or listen to the dreadful bitches of your supervisor unhindered by a piece of brilliant poetry in your mental escape room. compose. In addition, the pill enables you to converse better with your therapist and come up with new ideas more quickly to make your depressive life more bearable and lighter. It is not yet that far, it is a small research that, with a lack of a control group, does not give a definitive answer about whether or not it enhances the effect of psilocybin in the psyche. However, it gives a good indication that through the chemical stimulation in the brain, empathy and creativity can be upgraded. Of course, for many mild cases of depression, happiness can very well be the result of a firm choice, instead of the result of a medicinal effect. Healthy living and running seem to help too.

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