How to Maximize the Potency of Your Shroom Grow Kit

Date:15-08-2018 09:11

Now that you have ordered your magic mushroom grow kit, you may be wondering where to store it away. There are a variety of places where you can put your shroom grow kit, but some are better than others......

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The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Shroom Grow Kit

Date:15-08-2018 09:39

If you’ve decided to grow your own mushrooms, you have two options. Either you can purchase the spores yourself and try to create your own substrate, place it in a bag to lock in humidity and hope it.....

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Not Sure Which Magic Mushroom Grow Kit to Choose? You Can’t Go Wrong With These

Date:15-08-2018 09:43

Shopping for the right magic mushroom grow kit is similar to finding the right alcohol for your tastes or strand of choice for marijuana. There are so many different types, tastes and flares, it can be a.....

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10 Surprising Facts About Magic Truffles

Date:19-08-2018 13:07

Magic truffles have been used for centuries but are a fairly new discovery in the western world. In fact, their popularity is largely credited to a “loophole” in the Netherlands drug policies.....

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Are Magic Truffles Safe?

Date:19-08-2018 13:10

We want you to have the best trip ever, not to trip over the details. It’s best to red this information now before you start tripping in order to avoid anxiety and negative thoughts. There’s.....

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