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packaging processOur fresh magic truffles are grown with a maximum care to obtain the best product possible. The same attention is given to the distribution of the product in order to deliver this quality to the customer. Here, the role of the new developped packaging is key:

  • optimises product presentation,
  • carries the information for best consumption,
  • extends shelf-life up to 3 month..

Our product can easily be recognised by a printed topseal. This enables customers to select the best product available. Consumption directives are provided in three languages, addressing all european consumers. And last but not least, shelf-life of magic truffles was extended significantly by creating a modified atmosphere by natural means.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging:

PackagingShelf-life of fresh product can be extended by exposing the product to low oxygen and elevated carbondioxide levels. These gas levels deflect from normal air and are called modified atmosphere conditions. Applying modified atmospheric conditions is a well established technique to pack vegetables and fruit, including magic truffles. Gas levels are created by natural means. Respiratory activity of the packed living products, using oxygen and producing carbondioxide, drives the changes in gas levels. The packaging limits gas exchange to a point where a stable condition is established. Tuning the packaging properties to that of the respiring product was done on the basis of extensive research. The truffles are vacuum packed in food-grade bags, in portions of 10 gram. This way they stay fresh up to 3 months when stored in your refrigerator.

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