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  Ordering & Payment

no credit cards 

No PayPal

We currently do not accept Paypal or creditcard payments. In the past some companies that carried out our transactions appeared to be unreliable as partners. We are working on it however, so creditcard payments may again become possible in the near future.

Money Transfer

A money transfer is quick and fast. Within the European Union it is free if you fill in the complete information on the bank form. In most countries an online money transfer is possible.

An transfer within the European Union usually takes 1-2 business days. Your order will be shipped immediately after we received your money transfer.

Use the information below to make an IBAN/SWIFT money transfer.

Please don't forget to mention your full name and order code.

Dutch ING account:

Account number: 814739
IBAN: NL53INGB0000814739

Owner account:

BMM Distribution
Postbus 799
3900AT Veenendaal
The Netherlands

Address Bank:  

NG bank NV
Postbus 1800
1000BV Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Important remarks

Please note that it can take a couple of business days before we receive the payment on our account. A bank transfer within the European Union should be free, but some banks may charge you if the information is not filled in correctly. Make sure you choose the option? our costs? so that YOU are the one paying the total cost of the transfer. Contact your bank for more information.

Please mention your ordercode and last name with the money transfer so we can track it down.

Sending cash money.

Note: No cheques, No moneyorder.

Important note: Sending cash is at your own risk. BMM cannot be responsible for lost letters, or their contents.

Please send the payment together with your full name and order code in a registered envelope to:

BMM Distribution
Postbus 59
3958 ZV, Amerongen
The Netherlands.

In order to avoid any problems, please consider the following points:

1. Use an A4 or A5 envelope, so it looks like it is documents.

2. Please hide the money very well between papers/carton (something where you can't see through)!

3. Do not use any coins.

4. Close the envelope with EXTRA tape, so that it is difficult, or even impossible for a third person to open and close it without being noticed!

However, a registered letter is only guaranteed to arrive, or that you can track it down, if it gets lost, but it is not a guarantee that it arrives with all its contents. That is why it is very important to send the money as safe as possible!

Please note: without mentioning your name and order code your payment can not be processed.

We will send you a confirmation email after we have received the payment and sent out the order.

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